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ClientSSIDateMay, 2021Share

Logo & Branding

Star Stone Industries, a leading supplier of tobacco products, approached Ascendix Digital, to create a distinctive and memorable logo that would represent their brand’s identity and values. The client wanted a logo that would convey a sense of strength, durability, and the company’s commitment to excellence in industry.

The concept for the Star Stone Industries logo centers around combining elements that symbolize the core values and essence of the brand. The logo incorporates three key elements:


The star in the logo represent the aspiration for excellence, reaching for the highest standards in the industry. It also symbolize the company’s ambition to stand out and shine in a competitive market.


The mountains in the logo symbolize the word stone in company name. These mountains represent the solid foundation and enduring quality of their products.


The image of a horse gracefully jumping over the mountains and into the stars represents the brand’s dynamic and forward-thinking approach. It conveys a sense of ambition, progress, and the ability to overcome challenges.