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ClientMelian NaturalsDateJanuary, 2022Share

Logo Design

Our client, Melian Naturals, a burgeoning natural cosmetics brand, approached us with the goal of establishing a unique brand identity and packaging design that would reflect the purity and effectiveness of their products. They aimed to stand out in a competitive market by emphasizing their commitment to all-natural ingredients and eco-conscious practices.

  1. Create a captivating and memorable logo that encapsulates the essence of natural beauty.
  2. Develop eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing packaging for their cosmetic products.
  3. Ensure the branding and packaging effectively communicate the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients and sustainability.

The collaboration with Melian resulted in a striking and authentic brand identity and packaging design. Our work resonated with their target audience and reflected the essence of their natural cosmetic products.

Our partnership with Melian showcased our ability to translate a brand’s core values and mission into compelling visual elements. By successfully combining aesthetics with eco-consciousness, we helped Melian establish a powerful and memorable brand presence.

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Melian Rose Water Packaging Design by Ascendix Digital